Crowdfunding for Low Income Homebound Seniors

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Too many Seniors are struggling to live on a fixed income and consequently do not possess the financial means to have hair and nail services brought to their home and, furthermore, believe it or not, there are no funding resources available to them to obtain these crucial hygiene services. Through crowdfunding, it is our goal to help better the lives of these homebound low income Seniors and to bring some joy and hygiene into their lives. Seniors whose hair and nails are in good condition feel more confident and possess a more positive opinion of themselves, giving them a better mental outlook and helping to forestall bouts of depression. Additionally, Seniors can be challenged by raising their arms high enough to wash their own hair, and find it very difficult, if not impossible, to handle nail clippers. Help us to help them through crowdfunding for low income homebound Seniors.

A one-time or monthly contribution of $5, $10, $20, or, of course more, is so greatly appreciated! Every little bit helps! Maybe you would like to Sponsor your own Senior! If so, please call (631) 943-6446 to set up an account for you and your Senior.

Crowdfunding for Homebound Seniors
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Crowdfunding for Low Income Homebound Seniors

Crowdfunding for Low Income Homebound Seniors.
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