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Mobile Salon Services for Seniors on Long Island

Look Mom, I was able to arrange hair and nail services for you right in your own home!

Most importantly, The Mobility Salon Squad takes pride in making Seniors feel and look great, consequently bolstering a sense of independence and dignity.

Seniors are pampered and cared for while receiving high quality, individualized hair coloring, haircutting, hairstyling, and conditioning treatments.

Manicures and pedicures include a relaxing hand and/or foot massage resulting in stimulated, moisturized, softened and hydrated skin.

A Firming Anti-Aging Facial results in clean, hydrated, moisturized, nourished, and improved skin tone.

A restorative Swedish massage leaves the ladies feeling and looking younger and more glamorous.

Men’s grooming services leave them feeling younger and more confident, so important for self-esteem.

Waxing services are also available.

All services are performed by The Mobility Salon Squad’s licensed and skilled beauty professionals who are experienced in working with Seniors.

For further info call (631) 943-6446, or email us at
Recommended by Eldercare

Mobile Salon Services for Long Island Seniors’s goal is to help better the lives of Seniors and to bring some joy and hygiene into their lives. Seniors whose hair and nails are in good condition feel more confident and possess a more positive opinion of themselves, giving them a better mental outlook and helping to forestall bouts of depression. offers hair, nails, facial, and massage services on-site in the homes of Seniors and the Homebound. Services are also available on-site in Rehabilitation Centers and Hospitals.

“We’ve used Mobility Salon on multiple occasions for hair cuts, makeup, etc. for my mother. Each time, they did a great job! They’ve also been very caring, and accommodating as well. I definitely recommend them if you’re looking for quality home visit salon services.”